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    Welcome to the school of couponing. 🙂 Where you can get ramped up and learn the basics of Extreme Couponing in an hour or two. This introduction course was written for newbie couponers, keeping it as simple as possible.

    I know that starting out as a new couponer can be frustrating. What do those symbols and lingo mean? Where do I get coupons? How do I start?

    This quick Couponing 101 course is designed to answer all these questions. By the end of this class, you will have everything you need to do your first couponing run. I’m excited! Are you? My goal is to get you ramped up in less than a day (but you can go at your own speed), and you’ll be on your way to saving money, like a pro!


    As with learning any new skill, there is no better teacher than practical experience. They say that if you just read something, you’ll only retain 10% of the information. But if you take action on it, you will retain over 70% of what you learned. As such, at the end of each section, I have a small list of homework for you, little action items you can do to solidify what you’ve learned.

    Ready? You can do this! Let’s get started:

    Lesson 1. Couponing 101: Overview & Coupon Stacking

    Lesson 2. Couponing 101: Where to Get Coupons?

    Lesson 3. How to Read Coupon Lingo?

    Lesson 4. Step One: Get Inserts & Coupons

    Lesson 5. Step Two: Sign Up Reward Programs

    Lesson 6. Step Three: Find Sales & Deals

    Lesson 7. Step Four: Do it! + Newbie Tips

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    1. 165
      Martha Soriano says:

      Hi Tina, I just read and watched your couponing videos. I’m going start to buy the Sunday paper, also to follow you to se the items you posted and see the breakdown. Thank you, for your honesty for teaching us how to save money. Your sure are a wonderful person

    2. 167

      Hi TIna,
      I wrote to you before on how two local Targets would not accept more than one coupon reading “one coupon per purchase” on an order that I would try to combine with the $5.00 gift card. Target’s policy does state that it is one coupon per item, however I contacted their office and they said they could not do anything about it. That local management had a right to limit the use of coupons or make any exceptions from policy.
      Also just found out today that our local CVS (Chicago area) is also limiting the number of coupons and will only honor one.
      The store manager said too many people were taking advantage of the sales and clearing out their shelves.

      Anyone else experiencing this?

    3. 169

      Hi Tina,
      I was wondering what the average upfront cost is for someone who’s just starting out. I bought 5 of last week’s Sunday papers, got my printed coupons and signed up for all of the rebate apps. My first trip cost me about $100 even though I know that I will get a lot of money back in rebates and saved a lot from the coupons, at what point do you “really” start to see those savings come in (aka- go into a store with $20 and come out with $80 worth of merchandise)?


      • 170

        Hi Tia. When you very first start your up front costs are a little more. What most couponers like to do is earn rewards at each of the stores and then use those rewards to make their purchases. This is called rolling and it saves you a lot of money in out of pocket expenses. Hope that helps. 🙂

    4. 171
      Veronica says:

      Hi Tina, I’m new to this whole coupon thing and I’ve already tried it out and I’m loving it!!! Except it does take some time to get used to this and my kids don’t have the patience when I shop. Can you please let me know if you have an app available that I can use for a quicker scroll when I enter a store so that I don’t have to scroll through the web page. Or what do you recommend I do? Thank you for your hard work, it is really well appreciated! 🙂

      • 172

        Hi Veronica. We don’t have an app right now, but it’s something I’ll have to look into. I recommend planning out your trips before you shop and getting all your coupons ready so that things will go smoothly when you are there. I have to be super organized if I take my kids couponing with me. 🙂

    5. 173
      Victoria Rangel says:

      I texted coupons & offers to the target number and it said it doesn’t understand

    6. 175
      LINDA MARTINEZ says:

      Hi Tina, can you please tell me where i can purchase inserts from? Thanks

      • 176

        Hi Linda. If you want full inserts check out pkitass.com. If you prefer clipped coupons you can try extreme-coupon-clipping.com or klip2save.com. You can also check with your local newspaper. Many of them run specials for couponers. 🙂

    7. 177
      Lisa Oliver says:

      Hi is this just a USA freestufffinder as I’m a member but live in UK so is there a UK freestufffinder as I’d love to try couponing,thanx in advance.

    8. 179
      AllanRutledge says:

      The coupons are for USA not Canada I do not shop in the USA so how can I u them here in Canada AND THE FREE STUFF IN THE USA to so know good to me or people here in Canada so how do we get coupons for Canada then thanks ITS NOT FAIR TO US FOR PEOPLE HOW ARE NOT USA shopper thanks

    9. 181
      Anna Marlene Sauls says:

      Hi Tina! Unfortunately, the closest Target and CVS to me is 40 miles. If you ever have anything helpful iabout Walmart or Rite Aid, please share!! Thank you for all you do, Anna

    10. 183
      Chantell Manninen says:

      This couponing information is priceless. Thank you!

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