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How It Works


We post the latest online deals, in-store bargains, coupons and Free Stuff by Mail offers. We are obsessed with saving money and staying on-top of the latest deals. In the case of Free Stuff by mail, we do not send out the Free Samples ourselves, we just find them. Here are the step-by-step “How it Works” for the different aspects of this site:

How Free Stuff by Mail Works on Our Site:

  1. We look all over the web finding the best freebies, samples, and coupons.
  2. We post them to this blog with a link back to the original freebie.
  3. You go to that site and request your freebie.

Yup! It’s easy. Check out the video below with Tips on How to Get Free Stuff Online.

How Couponing Deals Work on Our Site:

Outside of posting Free Stuff by Mail offers, majority of what we post are on Couponing Deals, and Online Bargains. If you would like to learn more on How to Extreme Coupon, go here for our Free Online Class. We believe in and promote Ethical Couponing.

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Also, check out this helpful post on the 5 Tips for Free Stuff Finding


Does Free Stuff Finder give anything away for free?

No. We just find other sites that do and link you to them.

If I post a comment to a blog post asking for a sample, will i get one?

Nope. We do not give anything away. You need to click the link in our post to get to the site that is giving away freebies.

What happens if I don’t get my freebie?

We are not responsible for anything we post and we don’t guarantee you will get everything you request. All you can do is request as many things as you like and hope for the best.

What if I don’t like giving out my email address?

Just create another email address that you ONLY use for your freebie requests.

**Please DO NOT post your home address to the comments on our blog. We are not the ones who give anything away. If you do that, we will delete your comment and make fun of you for not reading this page.**

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  1. 68

    Hi Tina,

    I was just wondering how do i know if i wen the free trips? I recieved emails about London saying they will see me in a week. But i never got anything about winning so i just wanted to know?

  2. 70

    Hi, i just found your page and i think it’s such a wonderful help. I was just wondering , how do i start getting coupons or from where ?

  3. 72

    can you please tell me from where we can get sunday newspaper?

  4. 74
    Alina Koroleva says:

    Tina hi,
    I need your help. Could you please write me to me email address? Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  5. 78

    HELLO TINA, QUICK QUESTION I AM TRYING TO GET THE, Cheetah Wall Mount for 32″ to 65″ TVs for only $12.81 with promo code OMCT8I5X. AND THE CODE DON’T WORK, IT NOT EXPIRED, AM I MISSING SOMETHING?

  6. 80

    How can I get Coupons in Mail. Since I do not have a printer. I would like to know if there is a way I can get coupons in mail?

  7. 82

    Hi Tina, for the mail freebies why do I have to go through so many surveys. It is never ending. Is this normal? I end up losing interest because another survey pops up. Love your website, check everyday even when I don’t need anything.

  8. 84
    Candii Jackson says:

    Can you please tell me what day you update the weekly deals so that I can check them as soon as they are hot off the “freestufffinder” press?

  9. 86
    Paula Hogue says:

    why do some want my phone number, I dont like giving it out to starangers for one and two, I dont want any one calling and trying to sell me something

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