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How It Works


We post the latest online deals, in-store bargains, coupons and Free Stuff by Mail offers. We are obsessed with saving money and staying on-top of the latest deals. In the case of Free Stuff by mail, we do not send out the Free Samples ourselves, we just find them. Here are the step-by-step “How it Works” for the different aspects of this site:

How Free Stuff by Mail Works on Our Site:

  1. We look all over the web finding the best freebies, samples, and coupons.
  2. We post them to this blog with a link back to the original freebie.
  3. You go to that site and request your freebie.

Yup! It’s easy. Check out the video below with Tips on How to Get Free Stuff Online.

How Couponing Deals Work on Our Site:

Outside of posting Free Stuff by Mail offers, majority of what we post are on Couponing Deals, and Online Bargains. If you would like to learn more on How to Extreme Coupon, go here for our Free Online Class. We believe in and promote Ethical Couponing.

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Also, check out this helpful post on the 5 Tips for Free Stuff Finding


Does Free Stuff Finder give anything away for free?

No. We just find other sites that do and link you to them.

If I post a comment to a blog post asking for a sample, will i get one?

Nope. We do not give anything away. You need to click the link in our post to get to the site that is giving away freebies.

What happens if I don’t get my freebie?

We are not responsible for anything we post and we don’t guarantee you will get everything you request. All you can do is request as many things as you like and hope for the best.

What if I don’t like giving out my email address?

Just create another email address that you ONLY use for your freebie requests.

**Please DO NOT post your home address to the comments on our blog. We are not the ones who give anything away. If you do that, we will delete your comment and make fun of you for not reading this page.**

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  1. 46
    Kristen Lennox says:

    Actually I figured out why lol ..thanks Tina

  2. 48
    melissa says:

    I have been trying to print the $3 off 2 Nair coupon and I attempt to download Java and its not working…please help.

    • 49

      Hey Melissa. Is your computer set up to block plugins? You might try unblocking the plugin and then you will need to click on “run” when prompted to allow the software to print the coupon. That’s what I have to do on my computer anyway. Hope that helps. :)

  3. 50

    Hi there, do you guys ship the samples to singapore??

  4. 52

    Hi Tina .. all your videos are really helpful, i have a few questions hope you can answer them .. ok so i just downloade the savingstar app but sont dont really understand how it works i rhought the discount were taking off at the regiater? But you actuallg have to wait doe the cash back? Also can their offers be combined with manufacturers coupons ? Ok another question is here in az dollar general offers digital coupons, can they be combined witb manufacturers coupons? And my last quesrion is i tried to print the coupons on here but they did not print do you need a special printer? .. ok i thinks those are all my queations .. thank you ☺

    • 53

      Hey Marha. For SavingStar you upload your receipt after you make the purchase and then you will receive cash back within a few days. Their offers can be combined with manufacturer coupons as long as the offer doesn’t say that it can’t be combined. Most Dollar General digital coupons are manufacturer coupons so they can’t be combined with another manufacturer coupon. Some of their digital coupons are Dollar General coupons. Those can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon. You don’t need a special printer to print the coupons, but you do have to download the coupon software before you can print. Hope that helps. :)

  5. 54

    Hi .. i been having troble printing coupons ?? Help!

  6. 58

    How do I unsubscribe to the Walmart beauty box I’m kind of panicking so the sooner the better when you can answer this

  7. 60

    So I am super new to this and I want to join in! The only question I have is Are these coupons from the Sunday’s papers? I am on a laptop so I don’t know where to go to print them out.

  8. 62
    Mrs payne says:

    Hi Tina the tena liners says on the coupon limit one per purchase and on the breakdown you need 2, sorry I’m new to this. Will it still work? Thank you

    • 63

      Hello. When a coupon says “one per purchase,” that means you can use 1 coupon per qualifying item that you purchase. If the coupon said “one per transaction,” then you would only be able to use 1. Hope that clarifies things. :)

  9. 64

    Hi there,
    Can i use printables manufactures coupons combined with manufacture coupons on the P&G coupons? Can i combined them if it says the limit is 4 or etc? Also, for example in Target when you go and buy, did you make one transaction or a few in the same shopping trip? Do you pay using the GC if buying some product that gives you the GC, can you pay with that in the same transaction at the register or do you have to wait and do another to use the GC? At for last, how can i find past post that you made from shopping trips if i wanted to know how you made the deal.
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • 65

      Hi Kim. You can’t stack manufacturer coupons with other manufacturer coupons no matter what kind they are. If you pay with a gift card you can still get a gift card back. You can’t use a gift card in the same transaction that it came from, but you can use it on the next transaction. You can scroll through the website to find older deals. Hope that helps. :)

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