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    Welcome to Free Stuff Finder (FSF), where you can learn how to save 50% off or more on everyday purchases. Imagine cutting your spendings on household essentials (like paper towels and toothpaste) in HALF!  

    We are one of the country’s leading news media sites that publish the latest retail deals, online sales, coupons, clearance finds and Free Sample offers every day to a million smart readers every month. Today, we reach more than 2.2 Million followers across social media platforms. FSF was created by Tina Su in 2011. Tina and the FSF brand have been mentioned in Glamour Magazine, US News & World Reports, Yahoo Front Page, Seattle PI and CBS news.

    1. How Does This Work?

    We work around the clock to find and post the best deals, sales, coupons and freebie offers for you. Come back and browse through the homepage often to see the latest deals. We post pretty frequently, it’s not uncommon to see more than 6-10 new deals every hour. If you are interested in a deal, read the details and follow the steps in each post. Some deals happen in stores and many are online.

    There are 3 major distinct types of deals you will find:

    • Couponing Deals – Couponing allows you to save the most money. It is an addictive hobby loved by many FSF readers. Couponing is the art of strategically combining known manufacturer’s coupons, sales cycles, store coupons and cashback apps for maximum savings. See below on how to learn if you are new.
    • Online Deals – Sales and promotions you can score online without leaving your house. Many people prefer online deals due to convenience and time saving factors.
    • Free Sample By Mail – Free samples or coupons for full-sized freebies from national brands looking to have the public try their products.

    Popular Categories – Here are more popular categories you might care about:

    • Target Store Deals – This is by far the most accessed page. You can find all Target deals linked from here.  The weekly matchups (everything on sale at Target each week) can be found pinned to the top in pink. We publish next week’s weekly matchup by Friday at 5pm PST the previous week.
    • Shoe Deals – Save up to 60% on Nike, Adidas, Vans, Crocs, Birkenstock and more popular brands daily
    • Ad Previews – See upcoming store ads for future weeks.
    • Toy Deals

    2. Learn How to Coupon

    While most of the deals posted on this site can be done without coupons, the most savings happen to those who learn how to coupon. Combining manufacturer’s coupons, in-store sales, store coupons and cash back apps, you can often end up scoring things for 90% off or even free.

    If you are brand new and want to learn how to coupon, check out our How to Coupon Videos here. This series of 7 short videos will teach you the basics of couponing so you can understand and get started right away.

    3. Sign Up to Text Alerts

    Sign up for text alerts! When there’s an urgently hot deal, I’ll occasionally send out texts. It takes a second to set up. You can now text me if you have questions. Follow theses steps:

    • ① Text to the number 760-227-8151 with anything. Emoji is good.
    • You’ll get an automated message. Click on the link from this message so it’ll add you to my Contacts and I can text you back
    • ③ Let me know some stores and types of deals you are interested in. Or if you want to follow my personal Autism healing journey, type “Autism” for example. Okay! Chat with you in text!

    4. Install the FreeStuffFinder App

    Download the Free Stuff Finder mobile app from App Store or Google Play. It is rich in features and enhanced browsing experience that you can’t get from a web browser. Features such as being able to save deals to come back to later, viewing options, better Search to find past deals, customized Deal Alerts, Community Sharing, and other personalized experiences.  You can also contact me directly from the app.

    We are working very hard to get new features created and to bullet proofing existing features. Make sure to update when new versions are released.

    5. Subscribe to VIP Daily Email Newsletter

    The VIP Email list is a daily email we send out containing the best hand-picked deals for that day. They are perfect for days where you are too busy to look through the blog. It’s also a perfect summary to check to see if you may have missed a hot deal each day.

    6. Let’s Get Social

    You can also find us active on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. In fact, we have several Instagram pages and Facebook destinations. Here they are:



    Other Social Media Platforms:

    About Tina Su:

    My name is Tina Su, also known as Free Stuff Finder. I’m an obsessive-compulsive deal finder, couponer and a mom of two little ones (aged 7 and 4 years now aged 12 and 9 😭). I’m also married, we call him Mr FSF (which stands for Mr “Free Stuff Finder” lol). Welcome to my world of savings!

    While this site originally started as a free sample resource site in 2011, I’ve learned through this journey of saving that I can actually save a lot MORE money, in more meaningful ways, via couponing and online deals. Shopping strategically and armed with the knowledge of when to buy, you can save 50% off or more on everyday purchases. Imagine never having to pay full price on diapers, toilet paper, body wash and shampoo.

    I am an only child, born to immigrant parents who worked hard so I could live the American dream.  My parents had separated early on and I was raised by a single mother who hustled to put food on the table. Money was always tight. Frugality isn’t just a habit I have developed, it was all I had known growing up.

    As a kid, I didn’t have a lot of things. And so when I became a mother, I wanted to provide the world for my kids without breaking the bank.  Living on a single income, I needed to get creative. Always looking for a deal. Always looking for opportunities to save a buck.

    It all started with some free baby wipes at Walgreens using coupons. I went out. I did it. Came home with free baby wipes and I WAS HOOKED! Like a junkie high on my new obsession, I dove into couponing head first. It was all I thought about. I went to bed every day thinking about deal scenarios and my action plan at the stores the next day. I self-taught through experimenting (ie. making a lot of mistakes) and studying store policies.

    In the past, I had only done simple deals here and there. Looking back, I had always misunderstood couponing. I did not realize how much fun, productive and addictive it could be. So much so that my husband created an Instagram account dedicated to “therapy for husbands of couponers”. Jokes aside, it has been such a blessing since I began this journey.

    Today, we never have to panic and rush to the store when you use that last roll of toilet paper (or paper towels, baby wipes, razors, body wash, I could go on!). 🙂 I can bless friends and family with my finds. The abundance allows my family to easily donate. I also never run out of gifts for kid’s birthday parties (I stock up on toys twice a year at 70% off).


    As weird as this may sound… I feel as though I’ve found my life’s purpose. Prior to working on this site full-time, I was a motivational writer. I wrote about living a happy life and overcoming life’s struggles. I loved it BUT I felt as though something was missing… until now.

    They say that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I truly feel that every day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I love finding deals and teaching others how to coupon and save money.

    This site is my baby. A lot of love and passion is put into it every day. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I hope you come back and hang out with us on our journey to save, to enjoy the process and to live a good life without breaking the bank.

    When not obsessing about deals, I enjoy cooking healthy meals for my family and studying about non-toxic, healthy living. Many of you followed my son’s healing journey from Autism and ADHD on Instagram over the last few years.

    To learn more on that journey, follow my personal IG account at Tina Su (Plus, I post a ton of food content and daily life in my IG Stories. Catch me over on IG, and drop me a quick note to say hi).


    Before you go, don’t forget to sign up to VIP Updates. They are hand picked deals for those days you are too busy to look through the blog. Hopefully it’ll save you some time. I also do exclusive giveaways for VIP members.

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    1. 1

      Holly cow!! I was shocked to see your stockpiles!! Anyway, thank you for all your hard work. Your site certainly help me to save more money. I appreciate it. 🙂

    2. 0

      Hi Tina! I just wanna share this with you. I was at a FB group for local moms in our area & a mom posted asking if anyone would sell her diapers their kid has outgrown… someone replied to her and posted a link to your page featuring a huggies diaper/wipes deal in target back in April/May 2015. I had no idea how couponing worked, but just followed your links and directions. I got the deal, and my life changed (and did the deal 1 more time, lol!). Literally. I’m a registered nurse who chose to stay home for my baby, and after being into couponing for about 2+ months now, even if I am working full-time again I would still do this! It’s amazing how much savings there is out there, that people can get legitimately, if they pursue learning about it little by little everyday. I love your videos, and your couponing 101! I’ve always forwarded your 101 link because it’s so easy to read, and very thorough. After a month of trying it myself, I’ve been sharing your site to friends that I know would benefit so much from this. Actually, in a couple of weeks I’m hosting a lil how-to talk at my home to a few friends, because i truly believe that there is more to sharing than material things… If you are financially limited, you can share this knowledge and the amount of “money” you will help your friends save becomes unlimited. You & your team are such blessings, to many families, thanks so much!

      • 0.1

        OMG. You’re making me tear up. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and for letting me know. It means a lot. It makes me so happy to see this. 🙂 Thank you for providing this for me. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help or if you have suggestions. 🙂 Have a great week! *Warm Hugs* –Tina

    3. -1

      I just recently started following you on Instagram. I got out of couponing for a while and just recently decided to get back into it. I got out because it became to cut-throat. I literally saw two women fight over a product at a major big box store and I’d also get discouraged when I’d walk into a store with my coupons ready to go only to find out someone had cleared the shelves. That’s my biggest hurdle right now, but I’m determined to get over it and try and save some money. Your site has made it so easy for me to get back into the swing of things. I appreciate all you and your team does to keep us aware. P.S. The picture of your stockpile is beautiful, that’s my goal!!!!! Thank you again for everything you do.

      • -1.1

        Awww.. Thank you for taking the time to write Sindy. Your comment really made my morning. Thank you. Sounds like you must be living in a area with a lot of couponers. And yes, couponing can be cut-throat. What I learned is to be ok with letting things go if I don’t get in on a deal. And try to think ahead with deals. Either get there first or do what others isn’t. Ie. if there’s a sale at Safeway, I would go straight to Walmart to price match. Everyone is fighting at Safeway, while I’m scoring my at Walmart without competition. Also if I know something will be highly highly competitive, I sometimes don’t even bother, unless I know I’m early. Good luck! Don’t give up Sindy. 🙂

    4. -2
      Betty Emmerton :

      Hi Tina- I am a 78 year old widow and I ordered a free sample for the first time, Everything went through and I was accepted although when I looked at my order I found that my home address is wrong. Could you please help me? My address is 13853 – 24 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 1K1 and on the order they have my delivery address as 1853- 24 Street NW, Edmonton. I would really appreciate an answer . The order was for free sample of face cream for wrinkles.Thank you!

      • -2.1

        Hi Betty! I’m so sorry this happened. If the sample is still available you can try requesting it again. You could also contact the company that is providing the sample and explain to them what happened. Hope this helps. If you could provide me with the exact sample I might be able to help you further. Good luck.:)

    5. -3
      Deanna Phillips :

      Hi Tina,

      Just wanted to write to say how much I love your site and breakdowns of everything and I look forward to watching your shopping trip every week. I hope someday I will get as good as you. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work!

    6. -4
      Yesenia Charles :

      OMG! I don’t even know how I came across one of your post on Instagram. I liked the deal, but I really didn’t pay much attention to it, nor went after it because I didn’t coupon so I had no coupons. I didn’t even know where to get them. Then the next day, I saw another post and it count my attention more than the first one. Then I kept seen even more deals, so I payed more and more attention. Then I started collecting coupons from the Sunday paper, my neighbors and basically everywhere I could. And here I am. Buying 16 bottles of Nivea body wash at only $1.37 each. Lol. All this is still kinda new to me, and I don’t know many tricks yet but now I see why you are so addicted to saving $$. I absolutely love the dedication and time you put into doing this. You are truly and inspirational woman unlike any other. I read a little about you and it inspired me more and it answered a lingering question I had of you. I would ask myself “Why does she do all this work and not even charge a membership of some sort?” It’s because you have a humble spirit because you have lived a humble life. Thank you for all that you do. This is truly changing my life, my income and the way I shop. Thank you

      • -4.1

        Hi Yesenia!

        OMG! I loved your comment. Thank you for writing. Your comment made me laugh and tear up at the same time. 🙂 Please let me know if you need anything or have questions. I’m here to help. 🙂

        I screenshotted your comment. So that if I’m having a bad day, and I’m finding it hard to keep going, I can come back and see your uplifting comment. 🙂


    7. -5

      hi can you help me find free samples that ships worldwide?
      thank you so much

    8. -6

      Today at Shoprite… L.A. Cool Gel 20 oz. are on sale for $1.99. Get them for $.50 if you get coupon from insert 6/19. I got 2 today! Limit is 8 per household! Hope you like my find!

    9. -7

      I love to coupon and I love stockpiling but now that ive moved to IOWA there isn’t anywhere I can find coupons…. i’e tried sunday news paper but there is only like half of one insert we get weekly..couponing here is so hard and I have no job recently and a current student…plus a mother of two ages 4 and 6 if there is anything out there in my area to coupon I am so up for please…if anybody know of things of coupon ways out here in iowa please let me know I am suffering and super tight on money right now so I need all the help I can get. just to let you kno there isn’t cvs, target, or Walgreen I live in the country with some family so help is NEEDED thank you

    10. -8

      Hi there, I am very brand new to this, due to my loss of public assistance I decided to start couponing. I am a working mother/wife, just don’t make enough to get things. I see people couponing. The other day I wanted to try it out after having collected my coupons. Went to Target for their tide special they currently have in ad. Well I only walked out with five items for about $36.00 plus tax. Sorry I live in Hawaii, I ask people here for tips but I think that’s it just tips. I’m a visiual person to understand anything, but I think I may have over spent with savings of about $12.00. Is there any thing that can be done to make me feel better. Not sure if I did it correctly. Any comments is greatly appreciated.

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