• VIDEO: Target, Rite Aid & CVS Couponing Trip (Week 5/3)

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    Hello! I just uploaded a video of my couponing trip to Rite Aid, CVS and Target this week (week 5/3-5/9).  This week was kind of a rough week, since there were so many deals. I had a really hard time cutting deals out of the video. Plus, my trip to Rite Aid didn’t go as planned. See below for details.

    Note that many of the deals mentioned in the video will end by 5/9/2015. Click on the above video (or click here) to watch it.  Scroll down to see notes from this video. If you are new to Couponing in general, check out my Video Couponing Class Here.

    1. Rite Aid Show Notes:

    Click here to see the complete weekly matchup for Rite Aid this week. And go here to see the Rite Aid category of all Rite Aid related deals.

    Rite Aid has started adopting their new reward system called Plenti. There’s a rep in stores to convert your existing Wellness+ reward over to Wellness+ with Plenti. It’s similar to points at Walgreens, plus you can use it at other stores, such as Macy’s. Points do not expire for 2 years.


    ► Buy (1) Brut Deodorant = $3.00
    (or Sure Deodorant)
    Use (1) $1/1 Brut Deodorant (SS 5/3, x5/31) = -$1.00
    (Or use $1/1 Sure Deodorant SS 5/3, x5/31)
    Pay: $2.00
    Get Back: 200 Plenti Points (like $2, limit 2) when you buy (1)
    Final Price: Free

    Deal: Get 100 Plenti Points (limit 2) when you buy (3) select Bounty, Puffs or Dawn Products

    Update: The coupon excludes single roll paper towels. Ooops. Sorry about that.
    ► Buy (3) Bounty Basic Paper Towels @ 3 for $3.00
    Use (1) $1.50/3 Charmin, Bounty, Puffs products (P&G 5/3, x5/30) = -$1.50
    Pay: $1.50
    Get Back: 100 Plenti Points (like $1, limit 2) when you buy (3)
    Final Price: $0.17 each or $0.50 for all

    Option 1:
    ► Buy (3) Puffs Facial Tissue (56 ct) @ 3 for $3.00
    Use (1) $1.50/3 Charmin, Bounty, Puffs products (P&G 5/3, x5/30) = -$1.50
    (Or use $0.25/1 Puffs Product)
    (will need 2 computers to print 3 coupons)
    Pay: $1.50
    Get Back: 100 Plenti Points (like $1, limit 2) when you buy (3)
    Final Price: $0.17 each or $0.50 for all

    Option 2:
    Buy (3) Dawn Dish Liquid (9 oz) @ 3 for $3.00
    Use (3) $0.25/1 Dawn Product = -$0.75
    (will need 2 computers to print 3 coupons)
    Pay: $2.25
    Get Back: 100 Plenti Points (like $1, limit 2) when you buy (3)
    Final Price: $0.42 each or $1.25 for all


    Deal: Conair
    Note: The ad and in store tag has this advertised as Buy any select Conair get 1500 Points (Like $15).

    • I found hair dryer for $12.99, and curling iron for $9.99, and Hair cut kit for $14.99.  So it would of been a big moneymaker.
    • However, when I tested this, no points were given. And on the receipt it said you have to spend $30 to earn the 1500 points.
    • After an hour of talking to several managers and calling their customer service, the best they did for me was issuing an I’m sorry $15 Gift Card.
    • Even though, I should of received $30. I didn’t want to waste any more time and did not pursue to get the remaining $15 gift card.


    ► Buy (1) Conair 18 Piece Hair Cut Kit = $14.99
    Pay: $14.99
    Get Back: 1500 Plenti Points (like $15, limit 2) when you buy (1)
    Final Price: Free

    2. CVS Show Notes:

    Click here to see the complete weekly matchup for CVS this week. And go here to see the CVS category of all CVS related deals.


    Deal: Buy (2) Nivea Items Get Back $5 ExtraBucks (limit 1)
    Scenario 1:
    ► Buy (2) Nivea Cream (1 oz) @$1.27/ea = $2.54
    (or Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream 0.84 oz)
    Pay: $2.54
    Get Back: $5 ExtraBucks (limit 1) for buying (2)
    Final Price: Free + $2.46 Moneymaker

    Scenario 2:
    ► Buy (2) Nivea Men Shave Gels (7 oz) @$4.19/ea = $8.38

    Use (2) $1.50/1 Nivea Shave Item coupons (SS 5/3, x5/31) = -$3.00
    Pay: $5.38
    Get Back: $5 ExtraBucks (limit 1) for buying (2)
    Final Price: $0.38 for both or $0.19 each

    Scenario 3:
    ► Buy (2) Nivea Soothing Lip Care @ 2 for $5.50
    (Price range between $5.50 and $6 for two in stores)
    Pay: $5.50
    Get Back: $5 ExtraBucks (limit 1) for buying (2)
    Final Price: $0.25 each or $0.50 for both

    ► Buy (1) Sure or Brut Deodorant = $2.00
    Use (1) $1/1 Sure Deodorant (SS 5/3, x5/31) = -$1.00
    (or $1/1 Brut Deodorant SS 5/3, x5/31)
    Pay: $1.00
    Get Back: $1 ExtraBucks (limit 1) for buying (1)
    Final Price: Free


    Note: This ECB is triggering on $0.99 cards, even tho the ad says on $1.99 cards
    ► Buy (3) American Greetings Card @$0.99/ea = $2.97

    Get Back: $3 ExtraBucks (limit 1) for buying (3)
    Final Price: Free

    Spend $30 on Select P&G Products. Get Back: $10 ExtraBucks (limit 1)
    Note: You don’t have to follow the count I bought. You can also buy 9 of shampoo or conditioner. This is just an example. As long as you have at least a Shampoo & Conditioner or styler for every 3 you buy.

    ► Buy (3) Pantene Stylers or Conditioner (6.6-11.5 oz) @3/$10 = $10.00
    ► Buy (6) Pantene Shampoo (12-16.9 oz) @3/$10 = $20.00
    (Or Pantene Conditioner)
    Use (3) $5/3 Pantene Products (P&G 5/3, x5/30) =  -$15.00
    (must include shampoo & conditioner or styler)
    (Or use $2/2 Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner)
    Pay: $15.00
    Get Back: $10 ExtraBucks (limit 1) for spending $30
    Final Price: $0.56 each or $5.00 for all 9


    Note: The promo is on any Schick Razors. The Schick Hydro 3 had extra 4 Cartridge in the Razor pack instead of Hydro5.
    Note: Stack with any CVS Razor related redbox coupons from the last few weeks that printed for you.

    ► Buy (1) Schick Hydro 3 Razor = $12.49
    ► Buy (1) Schick Hydro 3 Cartridges (4 ct) = $12.99
    Sub-Total: $25.48
    Use (1) $10/1 Schick Hydro Razor & Cartridge (SS 4/26, x6/7) = -$10.00
    Pay: $13.98
    Get Back: $10 ExtraBucks for spending $20 (limit 1?)
    Final Price: $2.74 each or 5.48 for both
    Plus, I had $3/$10 CVS coupon for razor purchase, making my actual final price $2.48 for both or $1.24 each!

    ► Buy (2) Cheerios Multi-Grain Cereal (12.8 oz) @ 2 for $5.00
    Use (2) $0.75/1 Multi-Grain Cheerios = -$1.50
    Pay: $3.50
    Get Back: $1 ExtraBucks (limit 1) for buying (2)
    Submit for $0.75 SavingStar Cash Back (x5/31)
    Final Price: $0.88 each or $1.75 for both


    ► Buy (3) Puff’s Facial Tissue (48-56 ct) @$0.88 = $2.64
    (limit 8)
    Use (1) $1.50/3 Charmin, Bounty or Puffs Products (PG 5/3, x5/30) = -$1.50
    Or use (3) $0.25/1 Puff’s product
    Final Price: $0.38 each or $1.14 for all three

    This week, scan your card at the redbox coupon machine for a Free reusable bag coupon and score CVS brands for 30% off.
    ► CVS Brand Candy $0.99

    Less 30% Off CVS Coupon = -$0.30
    Final Price: $0.69 + Free Bag

    3. Target Show Notes:

    Click here to see the complete weekly matchup for Target this week. And go here to see the Target category of all Target related deals.

    It’s Back!! FYI: When you create and/or print any baby registry, at the bottom of your printed registry, there’ll be coupon to get a $10 Target Gift Card with a $50 Baby Purchase.


    Before I get to a scenario that uses the baby registry coupon. Here’s a quick mention of a hot new mobile coupon. The new $2.50/2 Huggies Snug & Dry or Wipes coupon is working on all wipes.
    ► Buy (2) Huggies Wipes (32–72 ct) @$1.97/ea = $3.94

    Use (2) $0.50/1 Huggies Baby Wipes = -$1.00
    Use $2.50/2 Huggies Target Mobile Coupon = -2.50
    (text OFFERS to 827438, x5/13)
    And use 5% Off Huggies Wipes Cartwheel (x5/16) = -$0.08
    Final Price: $0.18 each or $0.36 for both

    Diaper Deal:


    Before we dive into the two diaper deals, I want to mention that these breakdowns are a little complicated. If you are new, take what you can understand, and do the deal. Use whatever coupons you can gather. Adjust the final price math based on what coupons you have.

    • Sale: Buy 2 Super pack Huggies diapers at $24.99 get $10 Gift Card
    • Catalina Deal: Until 17th Buy 2 Get $5 Cat, Buy 3 get $7 Cat, Buy 4 get $10 Cat. On Huggies Diapers (42ct+), Pull-Ups (38+), Goodnites (27+), Wipes 72ct+. Works at Kroger, Rite Aid, Safeway, Target, Walgreens and other stores.  (Update: The Catalina has been cancelled early and is no longer printing)
    • Baby Registry Coupon – Print any Target baby registry to get coupon for $10 Gift Card when you buy $50 in Baby Department.
    • Stack with any coupons you have or can print – There are many options.
    • Cartwheel – 5% cartwheel on diapers and wipes
    • Cashback – $3 Ibotta for buying 3 select Kimberly Clark item. $2 MobiSave on any Snug & Dry

    ► Buy (2) Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers @$24.99/ea = $49.98
    (Super Pack, 54-148 count)
    ► Buy (2) Huggies Wipes (32–72 ct) @$2.19/ea = $4.38
    Sub-Total: $54.36
    Use $10 Target Gift Card with $50 Baby Purchase Target coupon
    (create and/or print any baby registry to receive coupon)
    Use (2) $4.50/1 Huggies Little Movers or Snugglers (share) = -$9.00
    And use (1) $1.50/1 Huggies Boxed Diapers Target Mobile = -$1.50
    (text BABY4 to 827438, x5/20. Only existing baby mobile subscribers)
    And use (1) $1/1 Huggies Boxed Diapers Target (SS 4/19, 6/13) = -$1.00
    Use (2) $0.50/1 Huggies Baby Wipes = -$1.00
    And use $2.50/2 Huggies Wipes Target Mobile = -2.50
    (text OFFERS to 827438)
    And use 5% off Huggies Diapers Cartwheel (x5/16) = -$2.37
    And use 5% Off Huggies Wipes Cartwheel (x5/16) = -$0.08
    Pay: $36.91
    Get Back: $10 Target Gift Card (Diaper Promo)
    Get Back: $10 Target Gift Card (Baby Registry, x5/9)
    Get Back: $5 Catalina Coupon when you buy (2), x5/17
    Submit for $3 Ibotta cash back (Buy 3 Kimberly Clark) (x5/13)
    Final Price: $8.91 for all or like $4.46 per box of diapers and 2 free wipes.


    ► Buy (2) Huggies Snug & Dry @$24.99/ea = $49.98
    (Super Pack, 54-148 count)
    ► Buy (1) Huggies Wipes (32–72 ct) @$1.97/ea
    Sub-Total: $51.95
    Use $10 Target Gift Card with $50 Baby Purchase Target coupon
    (create and/or print any baby registry to receive coupon)
    Use (2) $3/1 Huggies Diapers (SS 4/19, x5/16) = -$6.00
    And use $2.50/2 Huggies Snug & Dry Target Mobile = -2.50
    (text OFFERS to 827438, x5/13, working on wipes)
    And use (1) $1.50/1 Huggies Boxed Diapers Target Mobile = -$1.50
    (text BABY4 to 827438, x5/20)
    Use (1) $0.50/1 Huggies Baby Wipes = -$0.50
    And use 5% off Huggies Diapers Cartwheel (x5/16) = -$2.37
    And use 5% Off Huggies Wipes Cartwheel (x5/16) = -$0.08
    Pay: $39.00
    Get Back: $10 Target Gift Card (Diaper Promo)
    Get Back: $10 Target Gift Card (Baby Registry, x5/9)
    Get Back: $5 Catalina Coupon when you buy (2), x5/17
    Submit for $3 Ibotta cash back (Buy 3 Kimberly Clark) (x5/13)
    Final Price: $11 for all items, or $5.50 per box and free wipes
    *Plus, if you are a member of MobiSave, there’s a $2.00 cashback on any Huggies Snug and Dry variety making these even cheaper. Install MobiSave from Apple App store. Sign up to get on waiting list. With mobi, final price will be $9.00 for all or $4.5 each box of diapers. Download MobiSave from the app store.

    Alternative coupons that would work for diaper deal if you don’t have above coupons:


    (Regular Price)
    ► Buy (1) Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes = $2.99
    (64 count)
    Use (1) $1/1 Seventh Generation  Wipes (RP 4/26, x6/30) = -$1.00
    And use 5% off Seventh Generation Products Cartwheel (x5/16) = -$0.15
    Pay: $1.84
    Submit receipt for $1.00 cash back from Ibotta
    (Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes (64 ct))
    Final Price: $0.84


    Free $10 Target Gift Card with $40 Purchase of Beauty & Personal Care
    (Cosmetics & Cosmetic Bags, Fragrances, Hair Care, Color & Accessories, Skin Care & Suncare, Personal Care)
    (Excludes Power Shave, Power Dental, Hair Appliances, & Liquid Hand Soap)
    (in-ad coupon or text BEAUTY to 827438, x5/9)

    Lots of different scenarios you can do based on which coupons you have and what you need. Go to this week’s Target matchup to find other scenarios and personal care or cosmetic items you can do in this deal.

    Note that Maxi Pads do not count towards “Personal Care”. Target considers them “Health”

    One Scenario Example:
    ► Buy (4) CeraVe Hand Cream (3 oz) @$9.99/ea = $39.96
    ► Buy (1) Nivea Cream (1oz) $1.09
    Sub-Total: $41.05
    Use $10 Target Gift Card with $40 Beauty Purchase Target
    (in-ad coupon or text BEAUTY to 827438, x5/9)
    Use (4) $6/1 Cerave Product = -$24.00
    (must sign up and share)
    Pay: $17.05
    Get Back: $10 Target Gift Card
    Final Price: $7.05 for all or $1.76 per cream (Reg $10)


    (Regular price; deal ends when Cartwheel expires)
    ► Buy (1) Skinny Cow Cookies & Cream Candy = $3.64

    Use (1) $1/1 Skinny Cow Candy (SS 4/26, x6/15) = -$1.00
    And use (1) $0.75/1 Skinny Cow Candy Target coupon (x5/16) = -$0.75
    And use 50% off Skinny Cow Cookies & Cream Cartwheel (x5/9) = -$1.45
    Final Price: $0.44

    (Deal ends 5/9)
    ► Buy (4) Magnum Bars Ice Cream Bars @$3.74/ea = $14.96
    Buy 3 Get 1 Free Sale = -$3.74
    Use (1) $3.00/3  Unilever Ice Cream (5/3RP, x5/31) = -$3.00
    Use (1) $0.75/1 Magnum Ice Cream Bar Multipack
    (zip code 90210, limit 2)
    And use (1) $1/2 Magnum Ice Cream Bar Multipack
    (zip code 68130, limit 2))
    And use 10% off Magnum Ice Cream Box Cartwheel (x5/9) = -$1.12
    Final Price: $1.77 each or $7.10 for

    ► Buy (4) Donut Shop K-Cups (9-18 ct) @$9.99/ea = $39.96
    (Or Green Mountain K-Cups)
    Buy 3 Get 1 Free = -$9.99
    Use (3) $1/1 Donut Shop K-Cups = -$3.00
    Final Price: $6.74 each or $26.97 for all 4 ($0.37 per K-Cup)

    ► Buy (1) Kellogg’s Special K Chewy Snack Bars = $1.99
    Use (1) $0.75/1 Select Special K Bars coupon = -$0.75
    Pay: $1.25
    Submit receipt for $0.50 Ibotta cash back (Special K Snack Bars)
    Final Price: $0.74

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  • 24 good-looking people commentedLeave a comment
    1. 1

      Sorry I’m kinda new to Target couponing. I have a few questions for you on the deal with huggies and wipes together. Can I use 2 manufacture on the wipes? You only list one so I was just curious. Also I have a question about the catalina that’s being print out on this deal. Can I use the catalina on any item on the next transaction or is it just for the huggies specifically? If I can use it on any item does it work the same as at Walgreen where I can use it as a filler and the overage roll over to the other items in the cart? Last question is the amount to qualify for the 10 gift card for baby registry is before or after coupons? Thanks.

      • 1.1

        Hi Mindy! Welcome. Great questions.

        1. You can use two wipes coupon. I had changed the scenario from 1 to 2 in order to use the mobile coupon and forgot to update that. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll go update that now.

        2. You can use the catalina on anything in the next transaction.

        3. No need for fillers. Target doesn’t have weird rules like at Walgreens. 🙂

        4. Before coupons, all coupons. So lots of savings. 🙂

        Let me know if you have any other questions.

        • Thanks for replying Tina! unfortunately I still have question about the catalina. I received a $10 catalina manufacture on top with target icon off of my next purchase. Now if I were to buy 4 more huggies and if I were to use 4 of the $4.50/1, will I still be able to use the $10 catalina in this same transaction?

          • Yes you will still receive. Catalinas in this case rolls. HOWEVER, Target had modified this catalina and its no longer working like when I shot this video. You now have to buy 4 to get $5 Cat. And when you buy 2, you get no cat. Hope that helps.

    2. 2

      I did your target huggies scenario and I ended up getting a $10 Catalina coupon!!

    3. 3

      Hi Tina, Trying the diaper deal in target. Can i use 2 target coupns for diapers, as i saw u used only 1 of them… Please reply. Thanks Tina.

    4. 4

      where did you find those $4.50 coupons
      For hugies ?? And how does the Catalina works?
      Thank you

      • 4.1

        The $4.50 coupon is a printable coupon. I have it linked in the breakdown above for the huggies deal.

        Catalina is a coupon printed on receipt paper. You can use it on future transactions like money. But for the huggies deal, the catalina ended early. So its no longer printing.

    5. 5

      Hi Tina!!! Love your page, you are so helpful and informative! Anyways, kind of a stupid question, but can I use the $3/1 box Huggies diapers on a box Pull Ups?

    6. 6

      Question on the wipes…..Where do I get the 2.50 mobile coupon?

    7. 7

      Hi Tina how are you ? I love your page it so help full I still new for coupon (just start 2 months now ) I wondering about I botta ??? How does work ? How you cash back that money ? Can explain to me please

      • 7.1

        Hi there! Thank you! 🙂 Ibotta is a cashback program that you can sign up for online or on your phone. You can shop online or use it from the app on your smartphone. Once you’ve purchased your item, you must scan your product barcodes, then submit a photo of your receipt. You’ll have to choose how you would like your cashback. There are multiple options. If you would like to sign up, here is the site: https://www.freestufffinder.com/go/ibotta/ There is, also, a section on how it works. Hope that is helpful! 🙂

    8. 8

      Hello, I’m new to couponing and have a few questions. I am planning to do the “cereve deal” and would like to know if total has to be over $40 after coupons to get the $10 gift card or does it have to retail $40 than I can use the coupons to get the $10?


      • 8.1

        Total before coupons must be over $40. Hope that helps. If the $10 gift card doesn’t trigger, point out to the cashier that you bought over $40 worth of stuff and they will take care of you. 🙂 Good luck Rose! 🙂

        • Thanks for replying! So i went to Target today to do some couponing and this is what I got. My target’s hand lotion was not 9.99 but i ended up getting 2 facial moisturizing lotions (am/pm) and one skin renewal cream total was 43.97. I used 3 of the $6 off cerave coupon, got $10 back. So my out of pocket cost was 25.97. So it at the end I paid about $.5.32 for each one.

          Then I decided to do a second transaction with the diapers. I did not have the 2 $3.00 off so i just used my $10 gc. But I bought 2 box of diapers for 24.99 and 1 bottle brush for 1.97. They were out of the 1.97 huggies wipe so I will get them later. I used the 5% cartwheel, the registry $10.00 and got the $10 back for purchasing 2. So out of pocket was 39.45. but got $20 back, so I paid 9.72 for each box. My target didn’t give back a catalina coupon ;-/ but I don’t think it was too bad considering it was my first time 🙂

          Thanks so much!

    9. 9

      The VIP freebie registration is annoying.I can’t see much of stuff it keeps moving up and dwn with the page. I have already registered and you don’t. Have a close tab on it. Set it on the page not to move or add a close tab to it.please.

      • 9.1

        Hi Shelly,

        I’m sorry about that. The sidebar thingy was designed for a desktop computer. Are you on a mobile device? If so, which one? So I can investigate and get it fixed. It was not intensionally to block your view. 🙂

    10. 10

      Yesterday, May 7, 2015, I purchased the Conair product at $30+ with the Plenti rewards of 1,500 at Rite Aid (using the $10 off one Conair product over $14.99 from the wellness reward videos that are no longer running.) and also the BOGO 50% off on the the Cerave deal (with two of the six dollar Cerave Manufacturer coupons) there under the new Plenti program. Both deals rewarded me Plenti points that were shown on my receipt. I have the equivalent of $18.00. So, maybe they’ve ironed out the kinks? ^^

      • 10.1

        That sounds right. 🙂 What happened was they didn’t have any indication that you needed to spend $30. So that’s why the points wasn’t coming off. 🙂 I’m liking the new reward system tho.

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