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    REMINDER: BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. I’ll be updating this page with links to other items my family uses that you might see in my IG Story.  I’ve been getting a ton of direct messages asking for links. So I’ve made this page to add anything new I might share. 🙂 Hope it’s helpful.  I’ll update this page as I show more personal posts on IG Story and Snapchat. Stay tuned!

    Home Organization – If you’re looking for the links for home organization containers I use. Go here.

    Hey Guys! I’ll do my best to update this page as I share more behind the scenes pics and videos of products my family uses. If you have a child with autism or ADHD, go to this page for some brain dump on that.

    This page was created after people asked for specific links to items I use. I add to this list each time someone asks a question. This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission (usually 1% to 5%) if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support. BUT please note that I only link out to items I personally use and recommend. And I do go back to edit and remove items I no longer use. This is an ongoing LIVE list. If this gets too long, I’ll break it up into pages.


    Grocery Stores:

    I get all of my groceries from the following places. Lately, due to lack of time, I’ve been ordering almost exclusively from the first 3 places. And we’ll make Trader Joes runs when possible to get their already made Chicken Soups. I usually get Groceries twice a week. Around Wednesday and Sunday:

      • Amazon Fresh – Some fresh produce. Availability can be hit or miss. But good value. Products are from Whole Foods. Free with prime in areas they service. If something is in stock, it’s usually cheaper than Sprouts for Organic Produce.
      • VitaCost – Pantry items and hard to find high quality, low toxic, organic items for the pantry not found anywhere else, unless you have a local Whole Foods.
      • Whole Foods – This is a new edition to our weekly grocery “runs”. Whole Foods just started deliveries in my area. And I’ll usually order from Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh at the same time (they have slightly different prices for the same item) and you get a lot more selection from Whole Foods. Free Shipping on orders over $35 for Prime Members.
      • Trader Joes – Organic produce at the lowest price.
      • Sprouts – If I can’t find it in the above stores, I’ll go to Sprouts. Mainly I go to Sprouts for Pasture-Raised Eggs, if they are out on Amazon Fresh. And other hard to find natural foods items. Or if I need something in a hurry that I normally order online, I’ll go to Sprouts. I also get Ground Lamb Meat and Wild Shrimps from here.

    Kids Snacks

    (All pre-packaged snacks I get for my kids are Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Paleo, Whole30, Free from bad oils, Low Sugar. Besides these, remember whole fruits and vegetables are best, since they aren’t processed)

    Sweet Treats:

    When other kids have candy and chocolate, here are my GOTOs. I do give chocolates in small portions.

    • HU Brand Chocolates (Cacao, low sugar) – They are all good. We love the Chocolate Covered Almonds for small treats I’ll sometimes add to his dinner plate to delight him. The chocolate bars are also delicious, we’ve used them for s’mores or just to eat them.
    • Evolved Chocolates – We love Cashew Butter and Almond Butter. This brand makes other clean sweet treats too. They also make these Keto Cups with just 1 gram net carbs (sweetened with Monk Fruit)


    • Farm Pasture-Raised Meats From GrassRoots – This is where I go to get pasture-raised meats. I’ve tried several farms that ship out. This has the best selection and price. Use this link to save $30 on your first order. If you plan to get meats from farms online, its a good idea to invest in a deep freezer so you can buy in bulk and have storage. I order once every 3-4 weeks. Shipping is free anywhere in the US on orders of $120+.
    • Crowd Cow Pasture-Raised Meats – Here’s another site where i get pasture-raised meats. They have different selection than the site above. So I order from both sites. From Crowd Cow, I get Pork Tenderloins, Ground Turkey and Wild Shrimps. You can save 5% if you choose the subscription option. You can cancel at any time if you clicked on subscription. And if you are new you can save $25 off on your first order with a friend’s link (This is my link if you need). Shipping is free on orders of $100+ before coupons.


    Pantry (Food)

    For pantry items, I’m looking for no preservatives, no (or low) Glutamate ingredient names (aka MSG that goes by over 100 names), Organic and/or GMO, also low sugar for all foods. I am also working on eliminating Cans and getting glass jar alternatives.

    Visual Schedules

    • Glass Whiteboard Easel – It’s a stand up whiteboard we write schedules on. Or clip the kids school work schedule on. My kids loves checking things off their schedule
    • Kids Schedule Template (Click “File” and “Make a copy”) – Here’s a template for one of my kids schedules. I make copies of it and tweak it for special activities and appointments. My son’s schedule needs more tweaking since he has therapies and outside services.  I’ve also found it helpful to create a schedule for myself that is printed out like the kids ones. These are just examples. Adjust it to what works for your family. Just remember to have a lot of buffer room to allow for extra time needed to transition between activities.

    Kids Education & Homeschooling

    • Ryan’s Multiplication Practice Worksheet – I made this worksheet for my son (4th grade) to practice his multiplications daily. Some of you asked for me to share this. I made this in word that encapsulates the times table (I did take out the easy ones like 1s and 0s table). Tip: I have a laminated sheet with all the answers for myself. So when I’m checking over his work, I don’t have to do math 😂

    Homeschool Furniture & Supplies

    • Desk – I got this when I first started homeschooling my son to give him a sense of “School”. It’s a classic student’s desk with adjustable height.
    • Little Desk Chair – Here’s the matching school chair I got to go with the little school Desk. I have the 16″ chair. My son was in 3rd grade when I got it.
    • Storage Cart – If this is sold out. Try this search result here. Other sellers are selling the same item. Match the picture to the listing I bought from
    • Clear Magazine Holder – If this is sold out in clear. Try this multi-pack listing here and search result here.

    Sensory Tools

    • Landing Pad – This giant landing pad is so cool. Hardest thing is keeping my dogs off this thing. It’s a giant foam pad that kids can jump or swing to land on. Comes with a washable cover. My kids likes to jump on the trampoline and land on this mid-air. This thing is kinda big tho. 5 feet by 5 feet.
    • Trampoline – You can find a listing of mini trampolines here. I got an Adult one with a handle bar, instead of getting a kids one, since my kids are very high energy and I wanted one that will last. Here is the exact one I got. If it’s sold out any of them with good review will do.
    • Body Sock – Helps kids with Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder kiddos with sensory needs. The compression gives pressure feedback so they can push and stretch out. Helps to bring a sense of calm.


      • Ashwagandha – This is the one I take and I noticed a different when I stop taking it. It helps with stress relief, mood, and thyroid support.
      • Pill Organizer – This is the pill box we use for each family member to store supplements and vitamins. (Alternative: They also make a white one of this thing)

      Brain Training Programs:

      • Zing Brain Training Program – Develop the cerebellum in your brain and creating neurological connections that was not developed during developmental stages because the body was busy doing something off (Fighting other toxins, or the child skipped crawling or some other milestones needed to develop the brain fully). For kids age 7 and up and for adults. Effective for learning, memory, reading, dyslexia, learning disabilities. Also helps with emotional regulation, sensory processing, auditory processing. The program is 10 mins a day, twice a day with a home coach. They offer money back guarantee if you’ve done the work for 6 months and didn’t see any results. I’m currently doing this program separately from my son.

      Lock Boxes & Locks:

      If you have a kiddo who is going thru major diet changes, you might run into problems with hiding snacks and anything sweet. I ran into this problem and here are some tools that I’ve been using. I have to lock away everything or violations will happen. This helps to setup the child for success.

      • Clear Lock Box – I have two of these. One in the fridge and one in the kitchen pantry where snacks are kept. I started with one and ended up getting the second since they were so effective. When my son first got on the diet he was hoarding fruits and trying to eat too many at a time. The sugar rush and crash from fruits are real. I had to lock away things like apples. I don’t have to lock apples anymore, but I still love these boxes. I like that they are clear so you can see what’s inside them.
      • Storage Trunk – This is the one we use in the garage for dry snacks and storage of extras goes in here. It comes with lock holes. You’ll need two locks to secure both sides. This is the lock we use.  Prior to using this storage trunk, we ran into the issue of Rats that would eat food I was hiding in the garage from kids.
      • Combo Locks – Locks for the storage Trunk above
      • Fridge Lock – We have a spare fridge in the garage where we keep additional produce and other food items that won’t fit in the kitchen. I’ve had to get a lock for both the fridge and freezer when I realized that putting locks on the door to garage won’t be enough. This uses 3M adhesive that can be removed. So if you ever want to remove the locks you can without damaging your fridge. If you ever lose the key (like us when my son took it one day, hid it, and forgot where he hid it), you can buy another set. It’s the same key.
      • Deep Freezer Lock – I wish we didn’t have to do this but after having our freezer emptied twice and dug thru for frozen fruits, I had to get a lock. This is the Combination Padlock I got. It’s advertised as for refrigerator doors. I wouldn’t use it for that. Since the glue on the adhesive is permanent. Unlike the fridge lock I found.
      • The Pinwheelers Stainless Steel Bento Box for Kids

      Kitchen Tools & Items:


      Personal Care:


      • Vacation Rental – We use VRBO for vacation house rental when traveling if this is an option instead of a hotel.  So you have a kitchen and more flexibility.


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