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    REMINDER: BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. I’ll be updating this page with links to other containers I use. I’ve spent many hours in the last few months shopping for and trying different containers. I’ll share what has worked best for me. I’ll update this page as I show more of home organizational videos on IG Story and Snapchat. Stay tuned!

    IG Story Highlight – All Home Organizational IG Stories can be found under the Story Highlight on my profile on IG. If you need to go back to reference them, that’s how you find older videos. If there is enough demand, I can also make more complete videos on YouTube on this topic.

    Hey Guys! Since so many of you asked about the clear storage containers, and I had several that I use, I’m gonna use this page to document all the different storage container options I currently use.

    Bookmark this page, I’ll be updating this page with more links as I show more areas of my home that I’m tidying and reorganizing.

    It’s important that you first measure out the space in your cabinet and shelves.  Some these containers comes in different depth and height.

    Some of these comes in larger multi-packs. Start with the smaller packs to see if you like them first, and then buy more. I’ve also found that the larger multi-packs (ie. Pack of 8) has more quality issues with the plastic. I’ve had to return a few sets to amazon. They will send you a replacement if you run into quality issues.

    Under the Sink:

    • White Plastic Tray – Keeps my under the sink cabinets bullet proof from water damage
    • Sink Carpet Mat – This is that carpet looking mat I have under the Plastic Tray for additional layers of protection. I figured spending $30 to prevent is better than spending a few hundred dollars fixing water damage on wood cabinets. 😆

    Deep Freezer:

    NOTE: Video for the Deep Freezer clean out is here.

    Fridge & Freezer:

    NOTE: Fridge Organization Video is here

    You don’t want to know how many hours I’ve spent analyzing my fridge & freezer and how to best organize the space I have in there for my family’s needs. The biggest thing is measuring it out your fridge (depth, height, width). Hope these notes are helpful in your own home organization. It feels SO GOOD to have everything in order. Opening the fridge becomes a pleasurable and peaceful experience. 🙂

    • Egg Container (14 Eggs) – These are stackable clear egg containers. Tip: Write the expiration date on the last egg with a pencil or pen or sharpie.
    • Glass Milk Bottles – These comes in packs of 2 or packs of 4. They are a DELIGHT to use. I can’t really explain it, other than, I know it doesn’t make sense to pour milk into these, but doing so, makes the experience of using milk so much more enjoyable.😂 There are other sellers that sells these, but this brand makes a very high quality one made in the USA. I think it’s worth it. The lid is such that you can write on it with a Sharpie, and it washes off with soap and water. I write the expiration date on it. I have 6 of these bottles. Two I use for juice, and four I use for milk. I’ll empty a Gallon of milk from the ugly white plastic containers into these delightful glass bottles.
    • Condiment Squeeze Bottles with Cap – OK. These babies, I searched for some time to find. Literally, Target is the only place that carries these in white. Most squeeze bottles do not come with a closure lid, that really bugged me. 🤪 Apparently, a lot of things bug me. So anyway. These are perfect. You can fine Black Tops on Amazon here.
      • Blackboard Labels – Here are the label stickers I got. It comes with two white chalk pens, but the pens aren’t very good quality. It’s okay to use, but it smudges easily and isn’t as pigmented.  I ended up getting a separate pen:
      • Chalk Ink Marker – I found this from the container store here with great reviews. It’s MUCH better than the cheap pens that came with the labels.  Looks like Amazon sells this brand as well. I’m not sure if this is the same one I have from container store
    • Pyrex Ultimate Glass Lid Set in White – I LOVE this set so much. This new line was designed as the perfect wedding gift. But man, I fell in love with them, hard. Go read the reviews, clearly, others share my love and obsessions with these things. It’s got a slick silicon seal (the white part) and everything else is clear glass. They are pricy. But totally worth it. It’s something you’ll keep and love for a long time. Let your significant other know that you would love this as the next gift. Go here and here for a few more options from Target. You can also buy individual lids that will fit on regular Pyrex containers from Pyrex directly.
    • The Pinwheelers Stainless Steel Bento Box for Kids

    Clear Containers – Since there several of them, I’ve listed each one that I am using below. I’ve also included the dimension. Something that I considered deeply when creating this setup for my fridge. Most of these clear containers are stackable.

    • Shallow Tray, Large (14.5″ deep, 12″ width, 2″ height) – This is the tray I am using for left overs. I use this on my one shelf that isn’t as high. This comes in 3 sizes: three different width. I also got the Medium one:
    • Shallow Tray, Medium (14.5″ deep, 8″ width, 2″ height) – I use this to put clear containers filled with already washed fruits and veggies. You can also use this for left overs like the large tray above.
    • Shallow Tray, Small (14.5″ deep, 4″ width, 2″ height) – I use this for dessert tray in the freezer pull out for ice cream and other frozen sweets.
    • Tall Bin with External Handle, Small (14.5″ deep, 4″ width, 6″ height) – I use this beverages in the fridge. I also use this in the freezer to divide up the different sections. There are other bins out there for freezers, but they didn’t fit my freezer’s measurements. So this is the best option I found. I love the external handles on these. They make a great placement for labels. I have 2 in the fridge and 4 in the freezer.
      • Freezer Organization – My freezer sections are divided up in these logical sections for my family: breakfast, dinners (meats), veggies, rice, kids meals (quick things kids like), desserts
    • Storage Bin with Handle Hole – These are the majority of the containers you see in my fridge. They are stackable, I call these handles “Handle Hole” since the handle is a hole on one side of the bin, instead of an external handle that protrudes out like the “Tall Bin” above I use for beverages or the Shallow Trays. This comes in 3 sizes (different width). I use all 3 sizes in my fridge:
      • Large (16″ deep, 8″ width, 3″ height)
      • Medium (16″ deep, 6″ width, 3″ height)
      • Small (16″ deep, 4″ width, 3″ height) – I use these in other areas of my home organization as well. I’ll show you how I use these for hair wand and straightener when I show you my bathroom cupboard organization tour.
    • Small, Double Width, Clear Tray, with Handle Hole (10″ deep, 6″ wide, 3″ height) – These are one of my favorites. In the fridge, I use them inside the pull out tray for meats and cheeses. I have one for sandwich cheese and and lunch meats, so you can easily pull the whole tray out to make a sandwich. Plus, they are nice dividers for sections in a larger tray. I keep another one for snack cheese sticks, one for breakfast sausages, and another for hot dogs. I use these all over the house for organization. I also use this in my Pantry (see below), in bathroom under sink storage. I plan to use these for utility closet organization as well. I’ll do a tour when that project is done. Here is a multiple pack of 8, if you find yourself buying a lot. I found that the higher pack bundles tend to have more quality issues with the plastic. Don’t be afraid to return to amazon for replacement if you get a bad batch.
    • Small Bin with Attached Lid – I use this to keep unopened butter blocks and lime.
    • Tall Square Bin with Handle Hole (6″ deep, 6″ wide, 6″ height) – I use this to keep my hot sauce on the fridge door.


    Containers I’m currently using (All of these are stackable):

    • Extra Long, Tall, Clear Container, with Handle Hole (16″ deep, 4″ wide, 5″ height) – These are the longest (deepest) clear containers I could find. I originally got them for my fridge, but found that the 16″ depth worked perfectly for so many areas in my house, including cabinet in my laundry room and pantry. These ones here are taller than the other trays in the pantry. Next link is the same tray, but shorter – Same height as the other small trays. Make sure to measure your space first, so check that the 16″ depth isn’t too long.
    • Extra Long, Short, Clear Containers, with Handle Hole (16″ deep, 4″ wide, 3″ height) – These are the same as the container above, except they are 3″ height instead of 5″ height. I also use these in my bathroom cabinet: one to store my hair curling wand, and another to hold my hair flat iron.
    • Small, Double Width, Clear Tray, with Handle Hole (10″ deep, 6″ wide, 3″ height) – These are one of my favorites. These are the wider trays you see in the videos in my pantry. I also use these trays inside the fridge. They are nice and shallow, feels really good in your hands, and stackable. I’ve bought many many packs. I’ll show you guys how I use these in the fridge when I do the fridge tour. 🙂
    • Small, Single Width, Clear Tray, with Handle Hole (10″ deep, 4″ wide, 3″ height) – These are also one of my favorites. I find myself using these the most. They are just like the Double Width trays above, but narrower. These are the containers you see where I store individual snacks in my pantry. I love how small they are, but large enough to store common items around the house. I also carry one around the house with me as I move around, it holds things I might need, like pen, sharpie, measuring tape, sticky notes, scissor, lotion, hair ties. 🙂 I call it “Tina’s box”.

    Sophie’s Room:

    I finally got around to organizing her room. She had baby and toddler stuff in there, so it was about time for me to get to it. Here’s what I used:

    • Drawer Dividers: You can find them on Amazon or at Target
    • Hangers: I like that they’re so velvety and such a nice color.
    • Clear Bins (4.25 x 14.5 x 3.75):  I got them from Target which is no longer being sold there. This is the same one I found at Amazon.

    REMINDER: BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. I’ll be updating this page with links to other containers I use. I’ve spent many hours in the last few months shopping for and trying different containers. I’ll share what has worked best for me. I’ll update this page as I show more of home organizational videos on IG Story and Snapchat. Stay tuned!

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