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Walgreens Ad Preview (12/11 – 12/17)

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Here is the ad preview for Walgreens Ad Preview for 12/11 to 12/17. If you need, here’s a link to to our Coupon Database with over 6000 of the latest coupons and their info loaded in. Go here for other recent Walgreens deals. And go here for all Walgreens Ad previews. If you’re new to couponing at Walgreens, make sure to read up on our Walgreens 101 Tutorial.

A few notes:  we do our hardest to score the best possible scan quality. These were from volunteers and were very difficult to score. Apologies in advanced if some pages are not clear. If you have a more clear version of the ad, please shoot us an email. Also, these are just previews from one area of the country. The actual ad in your region that comes out for that week may vary slightly, both in price and possibly selection.

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