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    Hey there! My name is Tina, also known as Free Stuff Finder. I’m an obsessive-compulsive deal finder, couponer, and a mom of two little ones (aged 7 and 4 years). I’m also married, we call him Mr FSF (which stands for Mr “Free Stuff Finder” lol). Welcome to my world of savings!

    While this site originally started as a free sample resource site in 2016, I’ve learned through this journey of savings that I can actually save a lot MORE money, in more meaningful ways, via couponing and online deals. Shopping strategically and armed with knowledge of when to buy, you can save 50% off or more on everyday purchases. Imagine never having to pay Full Price on diapers, toilet paper, bodywash and shampoo.

    I am an only child, born to immigrant parents who worked hard so I could live the American dream.  My parents had separated early on and I was raised by a single mother who hustled to put food on the table. Money was always tight. Frugality isn’t just a habit I have developed, it was all I had known growing up.

    As a kid, I didn’t have a lot of things. And so when I became a mother, I wanted to provide the world for my kids without breaking the bank.  Living on a single income, I needed to get creative. Always looking for a deal. Always looking for opportunities to save a buck.

    I started with Free Sample hunting. It got to the point where I was getting freebies in the mail every few days. Here’s a picture of all the Freebies I received in a few months:

    Excuse the mess. I was in the middle of organizing when my husband took a pic. Okay, here’s a more presentable and organized haul pic from two weeks of free samples:

    While getting a ton of free samples in the mail was fun and all, I wanted more meaningful savings that translated to everyday purchases my family was spending money on. Besides, Diapers are expensive and my frugal mind is always looking for a way to save. That’s when I, accidentally became an extreme couponer. Total accident! lol

    It all started with some free baby wipes at Walgreens using coupons. I went out. Did it. Came home with free baby wipes and I WAS HOOKED! Like a junkie high on my new obsession, I dove into couponing head first. It was all I thought about. I went to bed every day thinking about deal scenarios and my action plan at the stores the next day. I self-taught through experimenting (ie. making a lot of mistakes) and studying store policies.

    Soon I had a stockpile. My kids call it “Mommy’s Store”:


    In the past, I had only done simple deals here and there, but looking back, I had always misunderstood couponing. I did not realize how much fun, productive and addictive it could be. So much so that my husband created an Instagram account dedicated “therapy for husbands of couponers”. Jokes aside, it has been such a blessing since I began this journey.

    Today, we never have to panic and rush to the store when you use that last roll of toilet paper (or paper towel, or baby wipes, or razors, or bodywash). 🙂 I can bless friends and family with my finds. And the abundance allows my family to easily donate. I also never run out of gifts for kid’s birthday parties (I stock up on toys twice a year at 70% off).


    As weird as this may sound…. I feel as though I’ve found my life’s purpose. Prior to working on this site full time, I was a motivational writer. I wrote about living a happy life and overcoming life’s struggles. I loved it, BUT I felt as though something was missing… until now.

    They say that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I truly feel that every day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I love finding deals and teaching others how to coupon and save money.

    This site is my baby. A lot of love and passion is put into it every day. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I hope you come back and hang out with us on our journey to save, to enjoy the process, and to live a good life without breaking the bank.

    About the Site:


    We are one of the country’s leading sites for deals, saving money and frugal living. We report on the latest freebies, free samples, couponing deals, online sales, hot clearances, and giveaways every single day of the year to a million smart readers every month.

    Besides the latest deal news on the site, I also do a weekly shopping video on YouTube, LIVE videos on Facebook Live and Periscope.  We also send out highlights of the best deals in a daily VIP email list. You’ll also want to turn on Text Alerts, to be notified of hot deals. There’s an optional text alert for when I go LIVE if you want a heads up.

    You can also find me active on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. In fact, I have several Instagram pages and Facebook destinations. Here they are:

    IG: Free Stuff Finder (My main account)
    IG: Target Deal Finder
    IG: Baby Deal Finder
    IG: CVS Deal Finder

    FB: Free Stuff Finder (My main Facebook page)
    FB: Hot Deals Alert Group – Hot deals I post
    FB: Target Deals Group – Target deals and clearance finds by the community
    FB: Black Friday Deals Group – General deal chatter by the community.

    Before you go, don’t forget to sign up to VIP Updates. They are hand picked deals for those days you are too busy to look thru the blog. Hopefully it’ll save you some time. I also do exclusive giveaways for VIP members.

    Other Social Media Accounts:

    Are you new to Couponing? If so, check out my Free How to Coupon Class Here. 
    New to Free Samples by mail? If so, check out my 5 Tips for Free Stuff Finding.

    Random Facts About Me:

    • I’m addicted to Reality TV
    • I am an INTJ
    • I have an addictive personality
    • My son was a premie. I went into labor early at 28 weeks. The doctors were able to delay delivery by a month while I waited on best rest at the hospital. He was born at 32 weeks. We spent 4 weeks in the Nicu.
    • I have a math degree
    • I met my husband at amazon.com where we both worked. We had instantly connected. We were married 6 months later.
    • My favorite things to stockpile: toilet paper, paper towel, laundry detergent, and cleaning products.
    • My favorite store to coupon in: CVS & Target.
    • Favorite food: crunchy salads, sushi and Italian.
    • My nails are always painted 🙂

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