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*NEW* My YouTube Channel + Free Couponing 101 Class


Hey You! So I launched my NEW YouTube Channel last week. Make sure to Hit the Subscribe Button to be notified of future videos (I’ve got some fun videos coming up – in the making as I type this).

I didn’t mention it here yet, since I was kind of embarrassed. LOL. Seriously. Making videos is hard and watching yourself on these videos is even harder. :) You never quite get used to it. Hopefully, with more practice, I’ll get better at it.

Anyway, the first set of videos is a Free Online Coupon Class for beginner couponers. Go here to get started in learning How to Coupon. :) In the future, you can access this training series from the site menu. Just click “Beginner’s Guide” from the menu bar above to find it. If you have a friend who is new to couponing and would like to learn, please pass this link on to them.

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  • Free Summer Play Days at Disney Stores

    Every day through Sept 1, Disney Stores will be having Summer Play Days. These are fun-filled events including Art of Animation, Story Time, and Showtimes. Use the Store Locator to find your nearest Disney Store to join in on the fun!

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  • Walgreens Coupon Policy Update

    walgreens coupon policy v2

    (May 30, 2014) If you shop at Walgreens, you might be interested to know that their Coupon Policy has been updated recently. Here are the two major changes

    “Walgreens will not accept coupons that exceed the selling price of an item.”

    This change will probably affect a lot of Walgreens shoppers, as it will prevent us from using a coupon with a value that exceeds the price of the item the coupon is being used on. For example, if Walgreens has a product on sale for $2.90 and you have a $3.00 off one product coupon, Walgreens cashiers will no longer be able to manually adjust the value of the coupon down.

    In the past, their coupon policy allowed cashier to manually adjust coupons down to the cost of the product being sold. But that won’t be allowed anymore. :(

    “For offers when multiple items are purchased and additional items are free (buy 1 get 1 free; buy 2 get 1 free, etc.), the number of coupons applied to that offer cannot exceed the number of items required in the “buy” portion of the offer. Coupons may not be applied against any free item received in any offer.”

    What this means is that we will no longer be able to use a coupon on the Free item in a Buy One Get One Free sale. For example, if Almay makeup remover is on buy one get one free sale, you can use one $4/1 coupon when you buy two makeup removers instead of two coupons.  So only one coupon for the item we are buying, and no coupons for the item(s) that is free.

    Sad day for some couponers, but I think we will be able to get through it! There are still so many awesome deals and savings to be had! :) Here’s the link to the full Walgreens Coupon Policy. 

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  • Help! Want a Box of Freebies?

    Update: It’s not too late to sign up. We will be giving away free $25 gift cards once the goodie boxes are gone. Still a few boxes left.

    Hey you,

    My name is Tina and I’m the mama behind Free Stuff Finder. I thought to pop in and say hello, and to confess to a problem I have. Perhaps you can help me.

    Here’s my problem…

    I have WAY too many free samples and other freebies sent to my house. More than I know what to do with.

    Can you take some off my hands? Please help!

    Because we try every offer that we post on Free Stuff Finder, we end up with a large surplus of goodies without homes.

    They are literally sitting in the corner of my office collecting dust. If I don’t give these away soon, I’ll end up on the show Hoarders. :)

    Here is a picture of one such corner. Excuse the mess. Every box and bag and stash you see here contain Freebies I’ve received or picked up, just from the last 6 months.

    I’ve been meaning to take photos of these for you, but ya know how it is when you are juggling kids, family and work — you end up saying “I’ll do it next week”. And before you know it, you end up with what I have pictured above: an overwhelming disaster. *smiles*

    Anyway, I want to give this stuff away to you. If you want it, that is. :)

    Here’s my solution: I recently started our VIP Freebie List (which will replace the daily emails on June 1st and becoming a Bi-Weekly newsletter. It will also be the coolest and best weekly freebie report in the planet! *wink*).

    We will be randomly giving away boxes of goodies we’ve received to members of the VIP list. Membership is Free (C’mon, we’re free stuff finder. Everything’s gotta be Free baby!).

    Join the list here and you could be a winner for a box of freebie goodies.

    To sweeten the deal, we’ll also be doing weekly giveaways of $25 gift cards to members, and we will be announcing winners on the list only.

    Additionally, we will also be holding special surprise and private giveaways during the year of cool stuff. Cool stuff like iPads, Kindles, Blenders and other goodness. You don’t want to miss it.

    You can join the VIP list by clicking here or completing this short form below:

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  • How to See All Our Posts in Your Facebook Newsfeed


    There has been an update to Facebook recently and you are most likely missing out on a lot of our freebie Facebook posts.

    By following these steps you can be sure to see ALL of our freebie Facebook posts in your news feed – never miss a freebie again!

    1. Hover over the ‘Like’ button on Free Stuff Finder’s Facebook page and click on ‘Settings’.  (see below) [Read more...]

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  • 5 Tips for Free Stuff Finding

    The number one question I hear from people is, “I’ve been signing up for freebies, but still haven’t received anything – Where is my stuff?” If you’ve been a Freebie Finder for some time, you may recall feeling this way when you first started. :)

    To address the “I’m not getting any freebies” concern, I’ve compiled the following advice (based on my own experience):

    1. Get a Free Email Account and use it just for your freebie hunting.  I recommend and love gmail.  Never use your personal every-day email address when signing up for freebies – unless you love spam!
    2. Get a Free Phone Number and use it just for your freebie hunting.  Google Voice offers free phone numbers in ANY area code.  This is a great freebie all on its own!  Again, never give out your own personal phone number when signing up for freebies – unless you love solicitation calls!  Get Google Voice.  Also great for that creepy guy that keeps asking for your number.
    3. Sign up for a lot of offers. Since not every offer will deliver, signing up for as many offers as possible will increase your chances. We do our best to filter out offers and only post ones we believe will deliver.
    4. Be patient. Most freebies take a long time to deliver, sometimes up to 8 weeks or longer.  I didn’t start receiving a flow of freebies into my mailbox until 2-3 months after I started signing up for stuff.
    5. Expectations. Expect nothing, so that when you receive something in the mail, you’ll be surprised and thankful. Having no expectation has made freebie hunting much more fun and exciting for me. Going to the mailbox (once a week) has been a bit like Christmas. :)
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  • Tip: Never Miss a Freebie Update

    Facebook has made some changes and even if you have liked our page on Facebook, you are most likely not getting all of our Freebie Offer Updates.

    To make sure that you are not missing out on any of the Freebies that we post on Facebook, we have put together this short step by step guide that shows you how to create a Facebook List.

    You will then have a tab on the side of your Facebook page that you can click on to quickly see all of our Freebie Offers.

    Step 1

    Go to the Free Stuff Finder Facebook page and make sure you’ve “liked” the page.  Then hover your cursor over the “liked” button and in the drop down menu click on “Add to Interest Lists…”

    Step 2

    In the drop down menu you then need to click on “New List”.

    Step 3

    Make sure Free Stuff Finder is “checked” as a page to feature in your list.  Click Next.

    Step 4

    Choose a name for your list, like – Free Stuff Finder.  Click Done.

    Step 5

    You will be back at your own Facebook page now and you will notice that now in the left column you will see Free Stuff Finder under “Lists”.  You can click on this to quickly see all of our Freebie Offer Updates!


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  • Why I am a “Sample-aholic”

    I get a lot of samples.  That actually is a small statement most weeks.  Some might say I am a “Sample-aholic”.  On average, I land three samples a day, everyday in my mailbox.  That means an average of 21 samples per week and nearly 100 a month.  Now that’s a lot of free stuff!  I started requesting samples when my second child was born and have not stopped since.

    My son had a bit of a problem keeping things down as an infant.  Since he had a lot of problems with reflux and I was frustrated with trying to find him a formula he could hold down.  The thing was I did not have the budget for going out and buying can after can of formula.  My pediatrician had a few samples but not what I really needed to properly play the field so to speak when it came to infant formula.  So I decided to contact all of the companies that I knew made formula and ask them for help.  I emailed them and told them my situation and they were more than happy to send out samples of their products.  One company send a whole selection of their products and yet another sent me samples and a handful of coupons to save money on future purchases.  I realized that if I took a little time out of each day, I could easily search for samples of anything the kids needed.  So I continued requesting samples as he and his big brother got older.  I filed out sample requests for diapers, formula, creams, snacks and even sippy cups.  Pretty soon I was hooked!  I realized all I had to do was fill out a form, make a short phone call and within weeks the samples came in.

    The samples have some in handy over the last few years.  We have donated samples that we don’t use (Depends and denture cream are two that come to mind) to local charities and even handed out samples as part of party gift bags.  No one is going to turn down a goodie bag of sunblock, chapstick and aloe lotion samples at a summer beach bash or lotion and make up samples in a pretty little bag at a bachelorette party!  The biggest thing we have noticed however is that the samples have helped us get through those lean months when we have come up short at the end of the month or when we needed something in a jam!  Towards the end of the month I try and spend as little as possible and samples are key.  They often get us through the week without having to spend anything for things like toothpaste, lotion and soap.  Although I always try to stay well stocked, things happen and you never know when you are going to need that little tube of toothpaste to get by.

    So if you have the time, it is worth it to start sampling.  On average I spend 20-30 minutes a day, Monday thru Friday requesting samples.  Although it might seem like a lot, the time goes quickly because I know that the pay off will be big.  So get out there and sign up!  Maybe you can “Save by Sampling!”

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  • What To Do With All Those Samples

    Since I get a lot of samples, some people ask me what I do with them all!  The truth is that we do use a lot for our own family, we also donate and giveaway a lot to local charities, churches and other events that help people.  I have also gotten creative over the years with samples and making them into fun gift bags and treat bags!  Here are a few of the things you can do with samples!

    Make Goodie Bags

    • Having a Beach Party?  Fill bags with samples of allow lotion, sunblock, and Chapstick.
    • Bachelorette Party or Girls Night Out?  Buy small fabric sachets at the dollar store (usually 4 for $1) and fill with makeup, lotion, lipgloss, vitamin, and pain relief samples.
    • Know a child that has lost their first tooth?  Put together a little bag of toothpaste, floss, and toothbrush samples with a note that says congrats on loosing your first tooth!
    • Know someone that is moving into a new house?  Put together samples of cleaning products, tape, labels, bath products and paper products for the new homeowner.
    • Have a friend with a baby on the way?  Baby products are always available to be sampled!  Wipes, formula, diapers, creams and baby food make a great gift!  Put them in a diaper bag or cute basket and you have a great gift!

    Donate Like a Diva

    When I once got about 50 samples of pet food and pet snack together I paired them with about 50 cans of cat food that I had gotten for free with coupons.  I put them in a box and took them to my local pet shelter and made a donation!  They were more than thankful for the things I had brought and called me “The Donation Diva” for dropping them off!  The truth is people will love anything that you can donate, especially around the holidays.  I save samples that I know we will not use and put them in a box with canned foods to donate at the holidays.  So next time instead of saying ” I don’t need that” turn it around and say “I will find someone that needs that” .  I have never had anyone say no to a donation of samples. From dog food to baby cereal all I have ever heard is “thank you so much, this is great!”

    Be Organized

    To make sure I know what I have, I picked up little bins at the dollar store and labeled them.  This way I could always see what I have and therefore what I want to donate, collect or keep.  Here are a few of the bins I have:

    • Lotions
    • Mouth Care
    • Shampoo/Conditioner
    • Body Wash/Soap
    • Makeup/Skin Care
    • Cold and Flu
    • First Aid
    • Donate
    • Vitamins and Health

    If you stay organized, you can see what you have rather than having a bunch of little packets in a drawer.  It looks nicer and feels nicer to keep your samples organized and easy to access.  What do you do with your samples?  We would love to hear what your ideas are!


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  • How to Avoid Scams on the Internet

    internet safety

    Almost everyone will be approached by a scammer at some stage. The internet has created endless opportunities for people that are trying to take advantage of others.  Some scams are very easy to spot while other scams may appear to be genuine offers or bargains. Scams can even take place without you doing anything at all. It can be frustrating to try and figure out what is and what is not a scam.

    Most scams need you to do something before they can work. Sometimes they ask you to allow them to “post on your behalf” via social media.  Other times you may send money to someone based on a promise that turns out to be false. You may give your personal details to people who turn out to be schemers but you were thinking that they are a legit business. Some scams rely on you agreeing to deals without getting advice first or buying a product without checking it out properly. After you review the list check out how to increase your number of free samples with some other tips!

    • The simple tips below will help you protect yourself and your family from scams. Scams can cost people a lot of money and cause a great deal of distress. By following these simple tips, you can protect yourself against scams.
    • Don’t put in a credit card number!
    • Only use trusted sites.  Free Stuff Finder and our sister sites provide legitimate offers and never tell you have to use them.  We give you the option of which offers to take.  We don’t post on your behalf either which means you won’t be part of one of those “response ads” like you see on Facebook.
    • Get a Google Voice number.  This way no one has your real information which can be used to verify your identity.  You can never be too safe!
    • Don’t ever give anyone online your bank account, PayPal or other accounts.
    • Never give out your Social Security Card or your Drivers Licence Number
    • Mark “Spam” as such and move it to your junk mail as soon as you see it.
    • Remember that if the offer seems too good to be true…well then it is.  As much as you want to believe it is a true offer it just is not.  People are not going to give you an iPad for filling out a form unless it is a legit contest.

    We love our fans and want you to be safe!  If you ever have any questions on an offer just let us know!  You can send us a message on Facebook!

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